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When it comes to a quality final product, expert drywall application and drywall finishing are paramount. Our drywall service projects range from standard drywall application to wall framing, to repairing damage. Finest Finish delivers years of experience in high-quality drywall finishing, patching, and popcorn ceiling removal.

Finest Finish takes the time and care to hone in on the intricate details that ensure your drywall finish or repair is durable, flawless, and contributes to the overall impression of the quality of the space. If you are renovating your Victoria BC. house or condo and are looking for professional service and exceptional results, give us a call.

Textured Surfaces Removal

While we are experts at matching textures in a drywall repair or creating textures in a new installation, we are also experts at removing them. Smooth, flat surfaces are highly sought after, and can look wonderfully bright and modern, but they also easily expose any imperfections if they aren’t done correctly. Odd shadows, such as those that can appear when the surface is not mudded, taped, or sanded evenly will quickly destroy any impression of smooth crispness and will unfortunately just look shabby and second-rate. Our attention to preparation and detail ensures you get the immaculate look you want in a flat wall. We offer all 5 standard levels of drywall finishing quality to meet your needs.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceilings were all the rage in the 1960s. They were conveniently sprayed on, covered imperfections and offered some sound muting and fire resistance. Today, they can look dated and dark. If your popcorn ceiling was installed before the 1980’s, it most likely contains asbestos. We always test for asbestos and take appropriate measures. There are several methods of popcorn ceiling removal, either scraping it off, boarding over or skimming over. Depending on the state of the ceiling and your budget we will suggest the best solution for you. The process can be messy, but we take special care to prep the area, and the light-reflecting results of a smooth ceiling can spectacularly brighten up any room.

Finest Finish

Drywall Applications


Standard drywall applications to partitions and ceilings


Fire-rated drywall for fire-rated walls and ceiling assemblies


Moisture resistant/tile backer board & waterproofing joint compound


Sound board

Flex board for curved partitions and ceilings
Insulation & vapour barrier
Standard finishing from level 1 to 5
Patch and repair to existing damaged drywall finishes
Skimming to existing texture finishes
Moisture damage repairs
Cracks from settling
Kid damages
Popcorn ceiling removal
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Drywall Finishing

When it comes to a quality, finished product, expert drywall application and finishing is paramount.


At Finest Finish we know that thorough paint preparation for both interior and exterior is the foundation of every quality paint job.

Finish Carpentary & Handyman Services

Like anything, houses age and require yearly maintenance to avoid any major issues down the road.

Our valued Customers

Best money I've spent on painting and it was done in a day. As an extremely busy person, this was perfect! You won't regret it.

Fred Brown

Big shout out to Finest Finish Painting & Drywall. It’s hard to find a real professional in these trades, but Colten & Dylan are just that. They are trustworthy, excellent communicators and deliver top quality results. From beginning to end it was an amazing experience.

Amy Clarke
Fast, efficient, reasonable prices and excellent quality painting and drywall repair.

Louise Avery
The professionalism and pleasantness of Dylan and Colton is second to none. These guys are awesome. I would call them again in a heartbeat.

Marcus N.
Friendly, experienced, professional painters. My wife and I are very happy with the results.

Alex Hanson

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