How Professional Interior Painting Services Saves Homeowners Money!

How Professional Interior Painting Services Saves Homeowners Money!


Interior painting services may seem expensive and frivolous to the cash-conscientious homeowner. However, unless the homeowner is an experienced home renovation pro, chances are their DIY job will cost as much – if not more, than hiring a local painting company.

Before buying buckets of paint, drop cloths and booking off a week’s vacation to save cash on painting your home’s interior, consider the following ways on how hiring professional painters is often a much better alternative.

It’s All About Prep Work

Successful interior painting projects are achieved with a steller preparation process. How well walls and surfaces are prepared before applying paint is directly related to how well the finished product looks. Many homeowners and novice interior painters aren’t aware of the unique nuances and close attention to detail needed to produce outstanding results.

When walls aren’t prepped right, the end result may not be better than the original walls. And, if poor painting techniques follow those improper preparation steps, those vertical surfaces may look worse than before. 

This can end up costing the homeowner money if they end up having a bad paint job covered professionally in addition to the cost of the paint and supplies they initially purchased.

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You Need Proper Interior Paint Selection

While paint products are more robust, eco-friendly, and versatile than ever before, not all paints are appropriate for every project. For instance, let’s say a homeowner chooses to paint a high traffic entryway using interior paint without good durability. They may find that their front door vestibule ends up looking dingy and scuffed rather quickly.

This error in paint selection will undoubtedly cost the homeowner money. This is because they will have to re-paint the area much sooner than if they had used materials professionally selected by a residential painting company. 

Time is Money

Your time is valuable. Tackling large interior painting projects – such as a living room with 14-foot ceilings, a primary bathroom, or the central area of an open concept home, is a big effort that demands a considerable time commitment from the homeowner.

Instead of taking time off work, or sacrificing valuable time with family and friends, consider if paying for quality painting services is a better use of your time. 

Will you be able to complete the job in as little time as possible and get back to regular life? Or, is there a high likelihood the interior painting process will go over schedule and budget?

Consult Local Painters

If you’re unsure how to answer the above questions, call a painting company in your area and find out if outsourcing the task is better for you and your family. In the Victoria, BC area, painters in Victora that will deliver exceptional craftsmanship at lightning speed are available from the guys at Finest Finish.

Painting Tools Are An Investment

In addition to knowing what paint to use and how to correctly prep a surface for painting, knowing what tools are needed for an interior painting project is necessary. Quality paint brushes and rollers – as well as safety equipment, are essential for every painting job. These essential tools are not free and, not every tool is right for your project.

Instead of spending cash on the wrong tools for the job or, investing in expensive gear you’ll seldom use, let trusted experts with tools of the trade at their disposal handle the job.


Many professional painting companies warranty their work. Warranties are great for a homeowner’s wallet. If anything goes wrong with the project, the painting company will cover the repairs. This cannot be said when taking a DIY approach. Any damages to the property incurred during the painting process will be the homeowner’s responsibility to rectify.

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Increased Property Value

A great way to save money is to make money! When it comes to increasing the value of a home, professionally applied interior paint is an easy option. However, the key to this value-raising approach is the finished job must be done extremely well and in colours that reflect current trends and decor styles.

Professional painting and drywall services are great for adding value to your home while simultaneously creating an environment you and your family will adore spending time together.

Save Money with Finest Finish’s Interior Painting Services

Finest Finish is a renovation company offering locals in the Greater Victoria area our exceptional painting, carpentry finishing, and drywall services. We stand behind our name. Our services are always executed with precision and professionalism. To start your next interior painting project, contact our team today for a free estimate.

Kitchen and Bath Inspo: Wainscoting Ideas That Add Depth and Charm

Kitchen and Bath Inspo: Wainscoting Ideas That Add Depth and Charm

Wainscoting is an enticing and versatile design element that no homeowner should overlook in 2021. Wainscoting, such as beadboard, raised panels, wall panelled, or others options, is a classic component anyone can use to create the aesthetic and style they crave. If a kitchen or a bathroom remodel is in your near future, now is a great time to explore the latest kitchen and bath design that incorporates wainscoting and wallboards. 

Our skilled tradesmen have seen several great designs recently that use wainscoting and creative trim. Today, we’re sharing our favourite ones to add new inspo for your next kitchen or bath project.

FarmHouse Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchens are extremely popular and are great for bringing that relaxed and comforting atmosphere into a home’s traditional gathering space. An easy way to change the feel of a kitchen from cold and stark to warm and welcoming is by adding cozy wood elements, such as wainscoting.


Farmhouse Inspired Wainscoting Ideas:

Some ideas to add warmth with wainscoting to an already established kitchen design include:

  • Look to the ceiling. Create new interest in a kitchen ceiling by having shiplap boards, raised panels, or other decorative wood features professionally installed.
  • Beadboard Backsplash. Easy to install and affordable, a simple beadboard backsplash can quickly add charm and farm-style character to a modern kitchen.


Shiplap Accent Wall 

bathroom wainscoting ideaShiplap, a wood material historically used in constructing ships, barns, and outbuildings, is now a stunning interior design element. Shiplap is used on walls and ceilings and is favoured by top designers, including Chip and Joanna Gaines. The wood used for this effect is typically painted white, but recently, intense shades of green and blue have been seen in modern design scapes.

Shiplap adds comfort and charm. It’s ideal for upgrading a stark powder room into a cozy, lovely space. In large rooms, such as oversized kitchens, shiplap can be a way to add warmth and texture to create an inviting atmosphere.


Shiplap Accent Wall Tips

When incorporating shiplap in an accent wall design, consult with professional finishing carpenters. Shiplap is a beautiful style for enhancing the home but, only when installed properly. Improperly installed shiplap can be disastrous to walls and actually detract from the home’s appeal and value.


Kitchen Island Texture

Who doesn’t love gathering around the island in an oversized open-concept kitchen? Kitchen islands have transformed how we entertain guests and connect with family each day. However, one drawback of an island is finding ways to change its look as our interests and design styles evolve.

A solution to updating a tired, outdated kitchen island can simply add a new look and texture with an easy remodel. New trim, wood panels and fresh paint are cost-effective ways to breathe new life into a kitchen island. Additionally, the professional results may increase a home’s value.


Primary Ensuite Masterpiece

A home’s primary ensuite should be a luxurious space where homeowners can renew and recharge. Professionally installed wainscoting can create a high level of elegance to meet almost any aesthetic and increase the room’s sense of serenity.

Certain types of wainscoting are great to quickly and efficiently hide any wall imperfections that may exist. Examples of these include:

  • Beadboard
  • Board and Batten
  • Overlay wainscoting
  • Flat panel wainscoting


Easy Kitchen And Bath Renewal

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are high-cost projects that aren’t always feasible. However, changing the look and feel of a kitchen or bathroom doesn’t have to be an overwhelming and expensive experience. Try refreshing the space with a new design element, such as wainscoting, and finish the look with a fresh coat of paint. 

If you’re in the Greater Victoria Area and want to know more about tackling a wainscoting project in your kitchen or bathroom, consult the professionals at Finest Finish.

Increase Your Home’s Value With Professional Drywall Services

Increase Your Home’s Value With Professional Drywall Services

An inherent benefit of being a homeowner is watching your home’s value appreciate. The natural ways property values increase is through increased home equity and market fluctuations. However, the best way to protect a home’s worth is with regular home maintenance. And, an excellent example of this is to show your home some love with professional drywall services.

We know drywall finishing isn’t the first thing most homeowners think of when asked how to increase their home’s value. However, drywall services should be viewed as more than a necessity for new construction, major renovations, or repairing serious wall damages. They’re also an affordable and easy option for retaining the beauty and value of your home.

Update Your Home with Drywall Services

Outdated designs and fixtures can lower a home’s potential selling price. Even if a house is kept in good condition and all maintenance tasks are in good standing, a home with an outdated interior is likely to sell for less than one that’s undergone updates.

Key upgrades a professional drywall company can be relied upon for include:drywall services

  • Popcorn ceiling removal
  • Replacement of textured walls
  • Repair old and damaged wall surfaces


Increase Privacy with Soundproof Walls

Privacy is paramount to being comfortable in your own home. If you’re constantly complaining about noisy family members or find you struggle to hear your device over others elsewhere in the house, consider adding soundproofing technology to your home.

Drywall professionals can help your family find harmony by soundproofing any area of your home where noise is a problem. Not only will this be a valuable feature the next homeowners will be sure to appreciate, but you’ll also find you’re more relaxed and comfortable in your own home.

Remove Signs of Water Damage with Drywall Repair Services

When viewing a potential property, certain indicators tell homebuyers the property may have serious and costly issues. If warning signs are suspected, most buyers will either walk away from that home or choose to pay much less. 

One of those indicators that sets off alarm bells to potential buyers is visible water damage in the ceiling or walls. While most water stains on a home’s walls or ceilings are benign, it’s an indication the home has not been well maintained by the current owners.

Repairing or replacing water-stained drywall is an easy way to avoid possible doubt buyers may have when viewing your home. Additionally, taking care of unsightly water stains with fresh drywall and paint will help you to better enjoy the look and feel of your personal space.

Repair Drywall Cracks Caused By Natural Settling Processes

Thin cracks in walls and nail pops are common sights in new and old homes constructed with drywall. Over time, natural environmental processes, such as ground settling and changes in moisture levels, will cause a home’s drywall to expand and contract. 

These minor expansions and contractions often create hairline cracks or round bumps to appear on wall surfaces. While these small imperfections are typically harmless to a home’s structure, they can detract from its appearance and appeal. Employing drywall professionals to repair these natural occurrences will help bring peace of mind to a homeowner and improve the interior finish.

benefits of drywall services

Erase Poor DIY Renovations with Professional Drywall Services

Home maintenance may be essential to maintaining the value and appearance of a home. However, if a home renovation is executed poorly, it can depreciate a home’s worth. Oftentimes, the only way to erase the damage a bad DIY can have on a property’s value is by having a professional come in and complete the task properly.

Poorly installed drywall is common in many DIY jobs such as garage conversions, basement finishing, or even bathroom remodelling. If a DIY drywall job in your home isn’t looking perfect and professional, call your local drywalling experts. They’ll be sure to help you find a solution and bring your home’s value back up again.

Rely on Local Tradespeople

For exceptional drywall services in the Victoria, BC area, rely on the professionals at Finest Finish. With years of experience in drywalling, painting, and finishing carpentry, we’re able to help you add value to your home. To get your free quote started, contact our team here.